Exercise Improves Lifestyle

Exercise improves lifestyle because the human body and brain have evolved with the need for both to be at optimal performance. Then its a choice of whether you want to live an optimal life as Nature has provided or with less.

Exercise improves lifestyle

Choose Your Exercise Intensity

Exercise comes in degrees. Minimum exercise or aerobics can help the body use fatty acids as fuel and maintain cardiovascular health. More intense exercise builds strength and endurance with enhanced fat burning. High intensity can build muscle and optimizes the 8 systems that autonomously run your body factory.

The advantage of some high intensity exercise is it conditions the muscles to absorb glucose for fuel instead of letting all the carbohydrates you eat pass to adipose (fat) tissue. Aerobics burn fat as fuel so that’s good. But aerobics also burn muscle. Less muscle can lower your metabolic rate and invite greater weight gain.

Choose Your Level of Vitality

Exercise invigorates your vitality because your systems are increasing capacity to adapt and grow. Growth is good for optimizing how you feel. Psychologically, you probably benefit from looking better and feeling better about yourself.

It is wonderful to live without sickness, disease, or pain. Compare the health and vitality of a fit person with one who is overweight and sedentary. The sedentary person is experiencing a body that is deteriorating every day. Their body has already determined that exercise for survival (hunting food) is no longer necessary, so death is next.

We Choose Our Health and Longevity

The body of the fit person has decided that it continuously needs more capacity and that survival is still important. The body will partner with the fit person to build immunity, improve the capacity for average daily activities, offer opportunities for recreation, and build longevity.

Two people are sitting side by side with the same job. One is fit and the other is sedentary. Who is feeling better, more productive, and looking better? Their lifestyles are all about choices. Each of us can be fit with little additional cost. We have to create priorities for our time and free will allows us to decide.

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