The Beginner Fitness Program

The beginner fitness program usually has goals of weight loss, learning proper movement and function, educating muscles to train, aerobics, and fitness nutrition.

circuit training
Beginner fitness program

Rapid Progress at the Start

The most rapid progress is usually seen at the beginning of a new program. Exercisers see fat loss, strength increase, stamina develop, and feeling better with improved nutrition.

Muscles in the sedentary have not been absorbing glucose and have little stamina. Until muscles are trained, insulin by passes the muscles with fuel and takes it to adipose tissue (fat). Once muscle is exercised and then fed carbohydrates and proteins, it begins to open up to more work and storing fuel.

Add the Aerobics

The beginner fitness program includes low impact aerobics as the most effective way to create fat loss. The body uses fatty acids for fuel and some glucose from the liver. Daily walks, treadmill, bike rides, or swimming are excellent for burning fat. The first goal should be 150 minutes a week and then 300 minutes a week

Add the Resistance Training

Resistance training with low level weights to capacity and high reps also burn fat, create endurance, and build strength. As resistance training improves, weights can be increased as reps are reduced and frequency might also be reduced.

Those who can only exercise a few days a week with resistance training should start with circuits in which all muscles are exercised affecting many muscle groups. As muscle is trained, one session a week might be dedicated to pushing limits exercising the larger muscle groups with heavier weights.

Reach Maximum Capacity

Size and maximum strength are built with using weights closer to the near maximum one lift capacity and with fewer reps. This takes time to evolve without risking injury. Aerobics can also be intensified by adding intervals to normal low impact exercise. A daily routine of low impact exercise with intervals added is an excellent way to train for higher intensity recreation.

Nutrition is important not just for weight loss and health, but to build endurance and muscle. The muscles should be fed carbohydrates and protein before and after exercise. This conditions muscle to utilize fuel instead of feeding on itself and allows for muscles to build while at rest.

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