How to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Many new exercisers wonder about how to lose weight and get fit. Both are excellent goals. Losing weight and getting fit have many nuances. They can both be achieved together.

Burn Fat and Build Strength with Circuit Training

When people say they want to lose weight they usually mean reduce visceral
fat and gain some shape. Fat and muscle are both weight, but losing weight and gaining muscle can work against each other.

Many people try to lose weight by going on restrictive negative calorie
diets. This will strip fat and lean muscle. The more restrictive the diet and
the more lean muscle stripped, the lower the metabolism. A low metabolism burns fewer calories and the body begins to hold onto fat and burn muscle for fuel. What could be worse?

Low impact aerobics like walking or biking will cause the body to use fatty
acids for fuel. This is perfect. Low impact resistance training will use fatty
acids for fuel along with glucose and with the right nutritional timing will
use fatty acids to restore muscle energy. This is perfect.

Eating enough carbohydrates and protein before and after exercise will
educate the muscles to restore energy with the nutrients and use its fat to
assist in the process. The body won’t have to hold onto fat for fear of
starving. Your DNA remembers the cave man days although you have forgotten.

Low intensity aerobics like walking or biking will accelerate fat reduction.
Begin with 150 minutes a week and work toward 300. As you get more conditioned, add intervals or higher intensity meaning higher heart rate for longer periods. The body will use fat and more glucose. When finished, the body will need carbohydrates and will utilize fat for muscle repair.

Add low intensity resistance training at 50% to 60% of your one lift
capacity. At the beginning your maximum is just a guess. Do 20 to 25 reps which activates red slow twitch fibers for fat burning. Do three or more sets in either large muscle groups or in circuit training. The body will gain strength, build endurance, train muscle to use fuel, and use fat for muscle rebuilding.

Higher intensity resistance training is created with heavier weights, fewer
reps and less frequency (days per week). Intensity in the work outs can be
increased with more sets and less rest in between sets. This creates an aerobic affect.

Greater intensity with aerobics is created by adding more high heart rate
time. Running a 10k race or doing a triathlon is high intensity. Or just doing
intervals for longer periods increases intensity. Higher intensity with resistance training is created by doing reps closer to the one lift maximum and doing 4 to 6 reps. Intensity can be increased to 95% of capacity without going to failure.

In this process, you will burn fat, add muscle weight, increase your
metabolic rate, start to see change in your shape, and build strength and
endurance. You are on the way to being fit and looking good.

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