How to Improve Body Tone

Most beginner exercisers want to know how to improve body tone. What they are usually referring to is an improvement in body composition which is first the fat percentage to total weight. The second measure would be lean muscle to total weight.

Fat loss

The First Steps

Improving body tone is losing fat and gaining muscle. These two will change a body’s shape for the better. The two can run contrary to each other in that strictly trying to lose weight by restrictive dieting or excessive aerobics also strips muscle. The body loses fat and creates a new shape, but it doesn’t display any new muscle.

Building Muscle for Tone

Building muscle is a process that invites caution so as not to create injuries. A beginner resistance trainers muscles are not conditioned to absorb glucose and therefore have little stamina. Muscles need to be trained by exercising, eating proper recovery nutrition, and then rest according to intensity.

Low intensity resistance training is working with weights that are 50% to 60% of capacity with 20-25 reps. Maximum capacity for a beginner is a guess. As conditioning and endurance improve, exercisers can start using heavier weights with fewer reps and perhaps more rest.

Low intensity and high reps don’t strain muscles and can be practiced 5 days in a row. Higher intensities might require a day off. Working to maximize size and strength is working at maximum capacity weights weith 4 to 6 reps and might only be practiced once a week with lighter days in between.

An Aerobic Routine

Aerobics can start at low intensity walking, biking, swimming, tread mills for half an hour a day and build to twice a day or to an hour. 300 minutes a week should be a final goal. Low intensity aerobics use fat for fuel with a little glucose. Higher intensity aerobics use glucose mostly. The recovery utilizes fat so high intensity aerobics is still a fat burner.

How a body changes shape will depend on the exercise combined with the right nutrition. The most positive influence on body shape is to greatly reduce sugar, refined carbohydrates (white flour) and saturated fats. Diet has more impact than exercise at the start, but resistance training raises metabolism which burns more calories. Aerobics strip fat and muscle so resistance training is a necessary complement.

Long Term Maintenance of Fat Loss

Long term maintenance of fat loss would depend on daily exercise. Surveys show that people who maintained fat loses for 5 years had daily routines of an hour to an hour and a half of exercise. Programs for greater health and longevity shouldn’t have just one or two month targets or just losing 10 pounds.

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