Fat Loss is a Good Start

Fat loss is a good start in training programs. Most people want to convert fat to muscle which is a great goal. Body composition is one of the criteria of fitness and health as it measures fat percentage to total weight.

Fat loss
Working the Large Muscle Groups

The National Federation of Personal Trainers recommends a percentage not to exceed 25% for women and 18% for men. One of the easiest ways to calculate fat percentage is with calipers which can be purchased inexpensively online. A second method is how you fit in your clothes.

Starting the Fat Loss Routine

Fat loss begins with aerobics and nutrition. Low impact aerobics like walking and biking are effective in that fatty acids are used as fuel in steady state aerobic exercise. The longer the sessions the better. As you increase intensity with speed, the body starts to combine glucose for fuel.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is the next level of training for fat loss. First it trains unconditioned muscle to absorb glucose (which comes from carbohydrates and sugar) for fuel instead of it by passing directly to fat. The more muscle, the greater the sugar absorption.

The second benefit of resistance training is it does the opposite of starvation diets. Muscle increases metabolism which burns calories while at rest. Starvation diets cause the body to hold onto fat and use muscle for fuel. The worst possible outcome.

Resistance training for fat burning uses low intensity weights as a percentage of one’s one lift capacity. Beginners start with 50% of their potential one lift capacity which at the beginning is a guess. You want to complete 20-25 reps in three sets. So a weight must be selected that allows this.

Increasing Intensity for Accelerated Results

Intensity is increased by adding weight, adding sets, and reducing rest time between sets. Maximum results are improved when after an hour of circuit training or specific large muscle group training, you have a 100 calorie snack and do a 20 minute low intensity aerobic warm down.

The snack feeds the muscle energy replenishment while the aerobics use fatty acids as fuel. It stops cannibalism (body using muscle for fuel) and further trains the body to burn fat for fuel. Afterward a meal of carbohydrates and protein should be consumed with carbs not to exceed 600 calories.

Fitness Nutrition

The purest diet for fat loss would be vegetables, fruits, proteins, and grains for nutrition. Fruits and vegetables have enzymes to consume themselves and other foods. Empty calorie foods like white flour and sugar need to borrow enzymes to digest. Drinking half your body weight in water ounces accelerates weight loss and is excellent for muscle repair.

After continuing on this routine for a few months, it is time to consider greater intensity in aerobics and resistance training for increasing strength, endurance, and fat loss.

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