Body Toning and Fitness

Body toning and fitness work together. Fitness means the improvement in cardiovascular health, increased strength, and improved endurance. Body toning happens in the process.

body toning

Starting or Improving a Program

How do fitness, body toning and nutrition work together? The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) specifies the number of calories a body of a certain age, weight, and height need to maintain weight. Adding the calories necessary for Average Daily Activities and multiplying RMR by exercise level and we have the total necessary daily calorie requirement.

A pound has 3,500 calories. If we reduce calories or increase activity, we start burning more calories than we consume. The important fact is that if weight is not lost correctly, the body burns muscle and/or holds onto fat.

Burning Fat and Building Muscle is a Three Legged Stool

The ideal formula is to burn fat with aerobics, build muscle with resistance training, and through nutrition help the body burn fat, not lean muscle for fuel. As muscle builds, the metabolic rate increases so we burn more calories while at rest. We would love to turn our metabolism into a fat burning machine.

How do we lose weight incorrectly? We starve ourselves scaring the body and causing it to hold fat and burn muscle for fuel. We engage in intense aerobics without proper nutrition forcing the body to burn fat and muscle. We engage in intense resistance training without proper timing of consumption causing cannibalism (the body burns muscles to replenish itself)

What is the correct process? Eat a few hours before intense aerobics or resistance training. Eat immediately after intense training. This process creates the glucose and protein the body needs to exercise and then replenishes after exercise to stop the body from consuming muscle. Muscle builds in the recovery period if adequate nutrients are available. Exercise breaks down the muscle that needs to be rebuilt. Muscle is depleted until refueling begins.

Getting the Proper Nutrients

The proper nutrients are natural carbohydrates, protein and water. For accelerated body toning, avoid white flour, sugar, and saturated fats. That means avoid white bread, pastries, white flour pasta, sodas, and most restaurant cooking.

Fruits and vegetables are often considered negative calories because their enzymes eat more than just the fruit and vegetables. Grains are necessary for B vitamins because they metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Good fats like avocado and olive oil free the body to discard bad fats.

Low intensity fat burning exercise is low intensity aerobics like walking, biking, and the treadmill and low intensity resistance training. Low Intensity Resistance training is lifting 50% of maximum capacity 20-25 times in sets of 3 to 8 times. Mixing the two in the same session accelerates the toning process.

Stepping Up the Progress

As conditioning, strength, and endurance improve, exercisers can add intensity with longer aerobic sessions and intervals. They can increase intensity in resistance training with heavier weight, less rest in between sets, and fewer reps. Intense exercise burns more glucose and then the body uses carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids to rebuild. Starvation is not a good strategy.

In fact, if the process of improvement slows, a personal trainer would inquire about getting enough calories, adequate protein, sufficient fluids, and necessary recovery time. In adequate nutrition or rest can lead to over training and injury. People with eating disorders are at high risk.

Create a program dependent on your current fitness to adequately address nutrition needs and exercise capabilities. Over loading is a term that suggests adding intensity for growth because the body adapts. Knowing how to do it safely might require research or a coach.

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