Your Personal Trainer Advantage

Your Personal Trainer Advantage is realized by having the right information to reach goals quicker, push your limits with less risk of injury, and learn fitness nutrition. A personal trainer is capable of assessing your level of fitness with your input and with physical assessments.

A personal trainer guides your growth

Where to Start

With unconditioned clients or those who have been mostly inactive, we begin by assessing posture and functional movement. Both are important to begin an exercise program without risking injury. Our bodies must be able to move properly without compromising to attain movement in order not to create injuries.

After movement assessments are corrected or confirmed, clients can begin exercises with or without weights. Learning form is the most important first step to maximize results. Minimum weight might be able to be lifted without injury and poor form, but as load is increased, it is crucial to have the right form for both better results and to prevent injury.

Fitness is a Comprehensive Endeavor

Great fitness is achieved with resistance training, aerobics, and fitness nutrition. A personal trainer can customize a program for any level of client fitness to improve strength, stamina, and body composition.

Achieving higher levels of fitness by increasing size and maximizing strength and/or maximum aerobic fitness require focus on the timing of nutrition, hydration, and rest. Building muscle and peak aerobic fitness require coordination of all the body’s systems to maximize performance, growth, and prevent over training or injury.

Customize Your Program

A personal trainer can customize your program for results and help establish the routines based on the frequency you have available to engage. Serious resistance trainers want to exercise five days a week and beginner exercisers may begin at two to five times a week. Light aerobics often begin with a daily walk before evolving into more intense work outs with intervals.

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