As an Oceanside Personal Trainer I welcome you to new adventures of Fitness, Toning, and Nutrition. In the last 10 years as a Surf Instructor at the Oceanside Pier and personal consultant to students desiring fitness to accelerate their surfing and recreational capabilities, I have enjoyed helping people reach their training goals.

Personal Fitness

Fitness is a comprehensive concept including aerobics, resistance training and fitness nutrition. Just as flexibility is both stretching and strength, Fitness builds the whole body and all the systems.

I always make Oceanside personal training custom to your needs and goals. As a ten year surfing coach I have worked with over 3,000 clients. Personal training evolved after my certification and work with clients that felt surfing exposed their need for greater fitness.

Oceanside Personal training is a great opportunity to gain strength, tone your body, build endurance, and learn about Fitness Nutrition. With beginners I start with assessing posture, function, and movement before adding load to exercises. Good form prevents injury.

You Can Have Surfing and Fitness

Beginner Exercisers

Beginner clients interested in weight loss benefit from a program with low intensity aerobics and high rep resistance training. High rep training is more effective at burning fat while increasing endurance and strength.

Moderate Exercisers

Moderate exercisers with a desire to increase conditioning, build strength, and lose weight can add more intensity to their aerobics and more load to resistance training workouts. In Oceanside personal training we increase intensity by adding load, adding sets, and reducing rest time between sets. Progress increases according to an individual’s capacity to endure and to recover.

Experienced Exercisers

Experienced exercisers with a desire to maximize strength and size, lift with heavier loads and do fewer reps. Intensity increases as clients work at 70% + capacity and with four to six reps. Progressing through sets to reach maximum capacity is an excellent way to build strength and develop muscle.

The most productive exercises work the largest muscle groups. The point of resistance training is to preserve or build muscle. The most productive exercises for this process is working with squats, dead lifts, chest presses and military presses. Learning proper form is the key to avoiding injuries. Smaller muscle groups are worked on alternate days.

Working the Bigger Muscle Groups

Circuit Training

Circuit training is very effective for people who can’t work out frequently to train muscle groups individually. A circuit at loads appropriate for a person’s capacity which we measure as a percentage of One Lift Maximum is excellent for total body fitness, toning, and weight loss. See a sample Circuit Work Out.

Fitness Nutrition

Nutrition is important for all physical activity goals. Timing and substance are important to maximize the body’s demand for nutrients at the time they are needed to prevent cannibalism (body using muscle for fuel) and promoting anabolism (body using nutrients to build muscle). See Nutrition page.

Surfing and Fitness

Surfing is an excellent aerobic activity and lots of fun. If you are a local, why not utilize one of our most abundant resources, the ocean. Oceanside has lots of opportunities for cross training with aerobics including road biking, swimming, walking, or running. I personally alternate walking, biking, swimming, surfing, and gym work to create an overall feeling of fitness. See Surfing

Surf Students at the Pier

I teach surfing at the Pier in Oceanside and I fitness train at Planet Fitness (you train as my guest) at 4130 Oceanside Blvd in Oceanside. (see pictures below)

Packages offer the opportunity to experience personal training and/or surfing and save money.

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I have written 4 books on Surfing, Fitness, and Lifestyle.

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